Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 2

I decide I should use this day to explore this dreadful town. I walk out of the apartment, and start walking down Collingwood Ave.  There's a lunar eclipse. It's so creepy out here. It feels like I'm in a horror movie. It sure would be nice to see some sunshine for once. I suddenly hear a honking sound behind me and I look back, and there is this old truck with the windows smashed out and duct tape covering them. Inside, there is a man with a long beard who must be at least fifty. He has a beer in his hand. I'm not in the middle of the street... for heaven's sake, I'm on the sidewalk. I wonder what that was all about. Maybe this was the reason mother always told me to never walk the streets alone. I keep walking and simply pretend nothing happened.

On my right, I see this old park. It looks a bit creepy, but there's some children playing which makes it a little happier. There is a group of boys on the merry go round, and then a little blonde girl on the swing by herself. She reminds me of myself. I reckon she would love someone to talk to her, so I walk over and introduce myself. "Hello, my name is Adeline." She starts giggling. "I'm Holly. You have a funny voice." I nearly forgot that I even have my accent. "Where's your mommy and daddy?" I say. "Watch out!" she screams. The same creepy, drunk man with the beard is behind me and grabs my purse and runs off. I'm shocked! I have never been treated in such a way. Filthy bastard. "That happened to my mommy today and her and my daddy ran after him, but they never came back." I stop in silence. "Let's find them."

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