Sunday, October 18, 2015


Maybe I'm doing something wrong in my life. Maybe there is a reason I don't feel a sense of fulfillment. I just want to be happy. Old people say God gives you a sense of purpose in our lives, and that it where people find true happiness. I was raised Catholic, but then I lost all faith once I reached the age of thirteen. I suppose everyone has it rough when they are that age, and they feel like their world is upside down. I could search for this "God" just for the fun of it. It could make me feel as if there really is a purpose in my life. Maybe I will feel less lonely as well. First, I will go to Jehovah, then St. Mark, then Shalom Temple.

I start walking up to Jehovah's witness since it is closer to my apartment. It's Sunday, so I assume everything is open for worship. Back home in England we used to go to church every single Sunday, and I hated it so much. I hope that this time it will be different though... I think it could help me. I could very well find my purpose in life. My grandpa was always confident that God gave us a gift of talent. He used to say jumping out of things and landing safely was his gift. He died by jumping off a five hundred- thirty seven foot cliff when he was seventy five in Austria. I think he had a problem. But maybe I'll figure out what my gift is! I have no clue what it could be... The only thing I'm food at is running away.

I ask Peter and Holly if they could like to come on this spiritual journey with me. They both look over and say, "Yes!". "Okay so lets be ready to go in about a half hour." Peter offers to whip something up for breakfast before we go. "That would be great babe." Of shit. "I mean, Peter... not babe. Sorry" Why did I say that? What's wrong with me. He starts making omelets for the three of us. I'm standing beside him. He's so focused when he cooks. Ahhhh a man who cooks! Wow. This is so nice to look at. I realize I've been starring at him for like two full minutes, and I look away. Well damn, I'm creepy as hell! He probably didn't even realize I was looking at him. I mean, it's not my fault he looks like David Beckham. I can't help but to look at that. He most likely has a girlfriend anyway. "Here you are." Peter hands me the omelet and it's so beautiful, it looks like it came out of a Paula Deen magazine. "Haha thanks!" He smiles at me and then looks down. He looks back up and asks"Is it hot in here?" "Yeah, so hot. Umm, I'll go and turn on the AC."

I walk away really fast toward the hall where the AC is. I'm blushing so hard it feels like I dipped my face in boiling Vodka. I hit my shin on the new chair in my living room and have to sit down. Jesus! That hurt! I almost want to cry because it hurts so bad but I just pretend everything is okay. Peter starts running over. "Are you okay Addie?" "Umm, yeah, I'm fine. It's really nothing, I just hit my shin." He gets down on one knee and examines my leg, and of course, it's just gotta be bleeding, and I look a mess! He pulls a band aid out of his back pocket, and gently puts it on the wound. Who carries around band aids in their pocket?  He looks up at me and says, "Happens to me all the time." Holly walks in. "Get a room!" she says. "Oh we have to go. The church services are about to start, and I need God."

We all start heading for the door. We hop in a cab outside of the apartment and start heading over to Jehovah. In the car we all talk about what the service might be like. "I think it'll be really weird." Holly says. We arrive at the church, and step out of the cab. We stand outside of the building for a good five minutes just starring at it. We all say "hmmm" in sync. We start walking towards the set of old golden french doors. Walking inside we see a man standing beside a stand of brochures that I assume regard the church itself. This strange man with a grey beard skips towards Peter and I and says, "What a lovely child the two of you have! This child represents the destiny of your lives that God has so kindly provided for you." Me and Peter look at each other and say, "Nope." We all peacefully walk out and Peter calls for the cab to come back over. "Well that was a bust." He says.

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